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WordPress Website for Articles

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This article type of website set-up is good for the following;

  1. Blog
  2. News
  3. Entertainment
  4. Educational
  5. Etc.


Paid in full. Get within a minimum of 7 days, a maximum of 30 days.

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Buy your own personalized and ready to use WordPress website good for article publishing. This is a quality website you can use to earn money online buy inserting advertisements such as Google Adsense and Infolinks, or through affiliates.


If you have no idea how to create your website, you came to the right place!

Maybe you now have an idea on what to write but the only problem is that you have no idea where to start how to create your stunning website. It will consume a lot of time and effort to learn how to host a website online.

This is no problem now because we will provide a website that suits your need by providing me the important details through messages. Just sit back, relax, and reserve your time on thinking about your business.


Website Features


Free .com domain name. Choose your own Top Level Domain (TLD) including .net, .online, .health, .app, .club, .cc, and many more, depending on availability and market price.



  1. Hosted in a fast and reliable server
  2. Available in the US server location
  3. Guaranteed up to 99.99% uptime whole year
  4. Unmetered bandwidth which will allow a huge number of visitors
  5. 20 GB disk space using a fast Solid State Drives, which will make your website loads faster for better Search Engine Optimization
  6. Up to 30 free email accounts with personalize username
  7. Daily backup



  1. MySQL up to 50 databases
  2. Up to 20GB database disk usage (depending on set-up)



  1. Single user
  2. Pre-installed theme (no footer water-mark)
  3. Search Engine Optimization ready
  4. Necessary plugins included
  5. Guaranteed Google Adsense ready
  6. Basic anti-brute force attack
  7. Anti spamming products free for 6 months. This will protect you from comment and registration spamming
  8. Free backlinks
  9. Privacy policy for European General Data Protection Regulation law
  10. Free 20 SEO friendly articles (guest posting).
  11. Free 1 original personalize nich article

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