Fontaga will become Gondoly soon!

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Fontaga will become Gondoly soon!

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Fontaga is an online shop which committed to provide great customer service and convenient shopping experience

We pride ourselves as a reliable online shop by giving our customers, the exact item, and quality as what they paid for.

Were not just selling products but also offering the experience of quality services and consumer security before and after-sales, as part of our responsible customer service.


We are happy to serve you conveniently by working hard and smart for giving you the most possible quality of products and services, fast and reliable logistics options, safe and reliable payment methods, and friendly customer service.


Enjoy the following perks when you shop at Fontaga

1. Safe payment method – Pay using your card securely via Paypal. You can also pay via Cash on delivery.

2. Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee – Get your money back when you return and refund your item. Maximize your consumers’ rights as we provide repair and exchange of your damaged orders, up to 60 days. All are subjected to fair policy.

3. Reliable Quality – Get what you see and pay.

4. Exciting offers and rebates – Get rebates directly to your fontaga wallet, enjoy discounts and daily deals.


We set our brand

Our own brand Fullie can only be purchased directly in Fontaga at a very low price.



Open your online shop without the need for initial capital. Join our reseller’s program which is redesigned to maximized profit, logistics, and customer service.

Return Policy

Thanks for purchasing our products at Fontaga.

The rules stated below must be observed to be eligible for an exchange, repair, return, or refund.

1. If the product or item is expired, rotten, contaminated, damaged, defective, fake or not genuine, in any way.

2. 2. If you received the wrong product in color, size, shape, volume, variety, and/or units in any way.

3. If you proved that a consumable product such as food, medicine, and any consumable item, is contaminated, expired, fake, or not genuine, in any way.

4. You must file a complaint with proper photos and descriptions within 3 days, from the date of delivery.

5. You have to return the product within 60 calendar days from the date of your purchase.

6. The product must be in the same condition that you receive it and undamaged in any way.

7. For electronic and electric powered products, which damaged due to over-using, over-voltage, under or over temperature, water damage, using of not genuine accessories, and/or missed-using outside the recommended standard operation, in any way, is not eligible for refund

8. For prepaid digital goods/items, the wrong delivery address such as Mobile Number, Email Address, and any details which served as the delivery method, by customers’ fault, is not eligible for a refund.

9. Change of mind is not accepted as a valid reason for the refund.

10. After we receive your item, our team of professionals will inspect it and process your refund.

11. Once we confirmed that your order is eligible for a return, the money will be refunded to your Fontaga Wallet.

12. If the product is damaged in any way, or you have initiated the return after 30 calendar days have passed, you will not be eligible for a refund.

13. You must include a copy of the waybill/air waybill and the official receipt of your order.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team.


Shop Terms and Condition

1. Actual photos posted in all items.

2. What you see and pay is what you get.

3. Reservations are not allowed. We have very limited stocks, fast-moving items.

4. All items were doubled check before packaging to ensure the protection of the quality of products.

5. Once your order is confirmed and the package was already scheduled for pick-up or was already picked up by the courier, we will no longer accept your cancellation request.

6. Pick-up and delivery time solely depends on our shipping provider. Courier inefficiency is out of the seller’s control. Please do not rate us negative due to couriers’ fault, especially when your orders delayed due to natural disasters, or couriers’ mistakes.

7. Keep your chatbox open as we always reach-out if we have questions or concerns. Kindly send us a private message if you have any concerns.

8. We are not responsible for any mistakes made by the buyer (e.g. Wrong variation chosen, delivery address, and contact details.) Always read the description.

9. Please allow us to resolve any problem, hoping for your kind consideration. As part of our customer service, we offered up to a 150% refund in case of our proven negligence.



We at Fontaga understands how hard to start your online selling in the country. However, we identified the most crucial barriers that hinder aspiring entrepreneurs to operate. Our mission is to lessen the blockages and help you to start your own online selling business today.


1. Start your own business at zero-cost – You can now start selling online without the need for huge capital. You can even start selling using our platform at zero-capital.

2. Sell immediately – You don’t need to think about what product would you sell, and where would you get it. Because we will provide the latest and cheapest but high-quality products right on your dashboard.

3. Risk-free payment method – We will provide varied payment methods that your customers preferred. Lessen your wasted time spent on claiming your customer’s payment in varied payment centers. Give your customer a smooth and safe transaction by offering Cash on Delivery Payment.

4. Free marketing tools – We will provide you free marketing courses and tools which will help you run your own online selling business worry-free.

How to sell?

1. Grab our photos and description. Post it on your chosen platform such as Facebook and Instagram.

2. Make your mark-up price. For example, if the item is worth P49.00, you can sell it at P99.00, or any acceptable amount you think it can be sold to your customer.

3. Once you’ve got an order, place it on Resellers’ Dashboard. We will take care of the processing and shipping of your order.

4. Once your order is delivered, your markup price will top-up on your Fontaga wallet.


Reseller Terms and Conditions:

1. Fontaga will act as a supplier, shipping, and payment processing provider.

2. Transactions on us must be processed only on our website.

3. Fontaga allows our Re-Sellers to use our products’ photos and descriptions outside the platform they preferred.

4. Your earnings will top-up on your Fontaga wallet. You can use it to shop on Fontaga or withdraw it on your bank account, or claim in suggested remittance centers. Payments are done every Monday. Payment fees will be charged to your withdrawal amount.

5. Charges are amounts which will deduct to your Fontaga wallet due to the following reasons.

a. Withdrawal fee – The amount of payment fee charged by the remittance centers to Fontaga, and solely depends on the chosen payment center, by the Re-Seller.

b. Adjustment fee – The amount adjusted to your total sales plus shipping fee minus the products’ price. For example. If you sell worth P59.00 item for just P49.00. Amount adjusted and will deduct to your total sales amount is P10.00.

c. Cancellation and Return fee – If your order is already packed or shipped, but isn’t successfully delivered and is returned in our warehouse. As a Re-Seller, you should carefully advise your customers to accept and pay (when Cash on Delivery is the payment method) their orders.

d. Handling fee – additional non-fixed amount to add to the value of the item which is considered as high-value.

6. Fontaga doesn’t charge any hidden fees other than stated.

7. Fontaga will never make any contact with your customer.

For any concerns, you can contact us on ChatBox.



Contact Us

Address: 211. M.Bellin Jr. Street, Special District, Jalajala, Rizal, Philippines, 1990


Contact: 0938-937-9118